But What About the OATS? - Our Story

Gluten-free, grain-free, wheat-free, etc., has taken society by storm, and for some it works great. We have many friends and family who function significantly better without certain things as a part of their diet, and we support them in that whole-heartedly.

The science around all of this and dogs is a little bit murky. As with anything, you can find just as much information in support of elimination diets as you can against it. While we can observe our pets and use our best judgement to ascertain how they actually feel, in most cases, it's an educated guess. 

We had a dog with significant allergies and related skin issues. We tried every variation of medication, shampoos, lotions, wholistic treatments, whatever was available. What seemed to help the most was an incredibly expensive grain-free dog food, so that's what we fed him for a long time. 

Then along comes a study about how it might be linked to heart failure. My vet informed us we needed to keep an eye on his heart health, but nothing was for sure yet because it was pretty new information, and we didn't need to make any drastic changes unless he started going downhill. 

Low and behold, and few months later, my dog starts going into heart failure. We, of course, immediately stop the grain-free and switch back to some tried and true high quality dog food. He pretty quickly stopped having issues with his heart. 

Does this count as evidence? Not really. Is it a theory we wanted to test? Nope. 

When we began using the original Kritter Kookies recipe for our dog treats, we had many conversations about whether or not we should offer a grain-free option. In the end, we decided to keep the grains. We truly want what's best for your pets, and know that you do too. What you choose to feed them is entirely up to you, and we respect that decision. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.