Buddy's Story

Buddy was a special dog with a story to tell. The poor guy was found in Spokane by SCRAPS, our local animal shelter and he was in very bad shape. 

He sat unclaimed. This is common with elderly dogs, disabled dogs, and dogs that have any type of “bull” in them. Buddy was all three. He didn’t wag his tail, or even seem to care much about living.

That’s when Aubrey, part our family in Family Pet Pantry, happened upon his picture while looking online through dogs available for adoption at SCRAPS. She then told her husband she was going to “run errands” and went to visit Buddy. What she saw broke her heart. 

When she arrived, he was severely underweight, had an injured and bleeding foot, was missing an eye, and was barely able to hobble around due to injuries that we never figured out the origin of. The peopled at SCRAPS were doing their very best to care for him, but it was clear that Buddy had resigned himself to dying in a cage.

Aubrey brought Buddy home just as a foster to try and nurse him back to health so that he would have a better chance of being adopted. Their family already had two dogs and couldn't handle another. That was January 5th, 2019.

Buddy was immediately a very loved and spoiled member of the family, and it didn’t take long for him to begin wagging his tail, gaining weight, being able to walk, and trusting that he was safe. He was almost blind in his one remaining eye, and was a very old man, so he spent a lot of time trying to convince Aubrey that 3 am was a good time for breakfast.  He required a lot of care, so he tagged along in hotel rooms on family trips.

On February 14th, 2019, as a valentine surprise for Aubrey and the kids, Jordan, Aubrey's husband and our bakery manager, went down and officially adopted Buddy. He was no longer a foster.

He knew who his people were, and they were with him until he crossed the rainbow bridge on May 22, 2020.